San Tan Brewery, Chandler AZ
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    So I've been to this brewery a few times and I have to say every time I go there it seems to offer something new. It's not just the beer. While the beer is fantastic, the atmosphere is something I would like to see all brew pubs aspire to.

    Tonight is had a couple of brews, their IPA, Hop Devil, is super crisp. Lots of citrus aroma and flavor. My initial assesment was a heavy Citra flavor and aroma hop, though in speaking with the brewer it's not Amarillo or Citra, but a hybrid that has some similar qualities. Both the IPa and the Black IPa both had copious amounts of this flavoring hop. I'm not a big fan of most black IPAs, but they seem to have hit the mark. They have been able to get the jet black darkness without the acrid bitterness of a roasted black barley. Most of the bitterness was pure hop, with a subtle but present chocolate roast flavor. The stout was good as well, although not as intense as I would like from a stout. But it wasn't advertised as a RIS so i shouldn't judge against that type of flavor profile.

    If I were to rate them for the beers alone I would give them a solid A. But for atmosphere they get an A+. It's not every place that is willing to go out on a limb and have "movie night". Apparently this daring establishment does a regular movie night on Mondays, turning off the music, turning down the lights and handing out popcorn to the patrons. Tonight was Tombstone. A classically awesome movie for which, if you haven't seen it, watch it, if you don't like it, well... Anyway, it is a great flick, and the concept of sitting around with 50+ of your closest friends of the last hour of your life and taking in the movie is really fantastic.

    So in short, kudos to San Tan Brewery for doing something unique and having a good time doing it. I look forward to returning.

    For anyone in the Chandler / Phoenix area, I highly recommend checking this place out, taking in a few brews and meeting the great people that frequent the establishment. You won't be disappointed.
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    This was the first brewery that I met lake at last year when he was out here, I love the place, the food is always creative and there is always a great specials list from the kitchen.

    They have monthly food and beer pairings as well, a four course meal paired with their regular as well as seasonal offerings.

    Top rate place!
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