Westvleteren XII
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    First off, I want to say that I'm generally not one to succumb to the hype. But after one sip of this incredibly well executed beer, I got it.

    This beer was the perfect balance of mouthfeel and body with effervescent bubbles that carried a bouquet of aromas and complex flavors to your mouth. The lightest touch of Belgian ester twang was present behind cloves, all-spice, and slight peppery notes. A light fruitiness was present as well which really helped to round out the flavors.

    The beer pours a medium brown with golden yellow, extremely fine bubbles.

    There is nothing lacking in this beer. It is solidly full bodied, without being chewy or coating. There is nothing watery or seltzery about it, although it is highly carbonated. A slight taste of alcohol is present, at more than 10% ABV you would expect nothing less.

    Overall, I can't imagine a brighter, cleaner, more effortless beer. This is truly a world-class beer.

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